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Catalyst Blockchain Manager helps enterprises focus on delivering valuable end-to-end blockchain solutions, rather then wrestling with the underlying technology.

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An international technology company focused on digital finance and emerging technology solutions.

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Solutions enabled by Catalyst


Tokenization Platform

Represent real-world assets – from financial instruments, commodities, to real estate – as secure digital tokens via distributed ledger technology (DLT).

KYC-Sharing Platform

Enable financial institutions to share KYC information about legal entities while complying with all relevant legislation.

Programmable Money

Enhances programmable payments functionalities beyond credit transfer, credit transfer and direct debit, to allow purpose-based payments.

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We’ve solved blockchain deployment

Manage Enterprise-grade Blockchain Applications – with high automation and guaranteed uptime.

Choose your protocol. Launch application, and Onboard participants.

Speed up your Development, Deployment, Maintenance and Integration.

Highly reactive and responsive support team helping you to rapidly solve any reported issues.

Supported protocols

Clients grow successful with us

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“Setting up has been a joy”

Using the Catalyst Console for setting up the Hyperledger Fabric network has been a joy. It makes it a lot easier to deploy production-ready organizations with their respective nodes.

“Foundation for our solution”

We were able to lay a foundation for a robust SAF tracking solution that enables easy, transparent, efficient, and secure data sharing, and we look forward to working with IntellectEU to scale this into its next phase.”

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Cost reduction
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Core features

High Availability & Monitoring
High Availability & Monitoring

Failover mechanisms, disaster and recovery strategies, and multi-site high availability deployments. Simplified migration between versions, technical and application monitoring, as well as integration with existing monitoring tools.

Cloud-agnostic Deployment

Truly no vendor lock-in. Any cloud service provider, hybrid, or on premises hosting. Options for deployment of a cluster in multiple availability zones.

Unified Management & Operations Console

Manage networks, organizations, consortium proposals, nodes, smart contracts and more.

Intuitive User Interface & API

Clear and consistent, with streamlined access to all functionalities via our user interface & API.