Catalyst Blockchain Platform

Deploying, managing and maintaining your blockchain networks made easy and accessible thanks to Catalyst Blockchain Platform.
Catalyst Blockchain Platform allows clients to easily deploy, manage and maintain blockchain networks and applications through highly automated processes accessible through our intuitive user interface.
Catalyst Blockchain Platform by IntellectEU
Key Features
Automated Setup, Management & Maintenance
Manage your networks, organizations, consortium proposals, nodes, and more
Cloud-Agnostic Deployment
Deploy using any cloud service provider, hybrid, or on-premises. No vendor lock-in, and deployment in multiple availability zones possible
Enterprise-Grade Security
Regular updates, seamless migration between ledger versions, disaster recovery capabilities and failover mechanisms
Reliability & Guaranteed Uptime
Full administrative control over resources, social logins and connections to existing user directories
Intuitive User Interface
Hardware Security Module (HSM) and integration with HashiCorp Vault to control access to all security materials and digital identities
Support Plans
Unique level of highly-qualified and well-equipped support and troubleshooting
The well-designed intuitive user interface provides unique features that maximize automation of administrative tasks.
The Catalyst Blockchain Platform user interface allows users to deploy organizations and manage peers, orderers, certificate authorities, channels, chaincodes, browse the ledger, and more.
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Strategic partner of
R3 and Digital Asset
Enterprise Blockchain since 2016
Founding member of the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Project
Below you can find the pricing structure for Catalyst Blockchain Platform. The Basic and Business plans are available as Software-as-a-Service, while the Enterprise plan is deployed on the infrastructure of your choice. If you are interested in additional information or would like a quote, please contact
The basic plan for Catalyst Blockchain Platform as-a-Service that comes with standard support. Perfect for developing your Minimum Viable Product or if you want to showcase your Proof of Concept.
The Business plan for Catalyst Blockchain Platform as-a-Service that comes with best-effort support. Perfect for developing and showcasing your Proof of Concept, and fulfills the requirements for a variety of production-grade use cases.
The Enterprise plan for Catalyst Blockchain Platform is the full-scale solution suitable for all production-grade networks and applications. Fulfills enterprise requirements and optionally comes with 24/7 support of all Hyperledger Fabric and Catalyst Blockchain Platform components.
Member organizations
Free to create as many as fit within the chosen infrastructure limit
Free to create as many as desired
Free to create as many as desired
Free to create as many as fit within the chosen infrastructure limit
Free to create as many as desired
Free to create as many as desired
Custom configuration
Platform API
Block explorer
Monitoring dashboard
Yes, preconfigured
Yes, fully configurable
Yes, fully configurable
Enterprise-grade security
Back-up and recovery
Service instances
White-labeled branding
Optionally available
Infrastructure & deployment
Cloud-agostic, hybrid or on-premises deployment
Infrastructure cluster
Shared cluster
Dedicated cluster
Customizable, multi-cluster deployment and cluster stretching available
Infrastructure cost
At cost
At cost
Client responsibility
Customer success and support
Standard support (15% of total fee)
Best-effort support (18% of total fee)
Advanced & Premium
(please reach out for more information)
Monthly license fee
(1st month free)
149 / member organization,
75 / node
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