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Our mission is to remove barriers to blockchain adoption. Primarily, we do this by providing the best blockchain management solution available. But we also collaborate with organizations at the forefront of innovation and research, offering them special commercial terms for the use of our product.

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Catalyst standard features

Catalyst Blockchain Manager provides the competitive edge you need to get to market fast, offering our expert team and technology you can trust. In our mission to remove barriers to blockchain adoption we have built extensive relationships with frontier innovators.

Enterprise-grade Security

Leverage secrets and encryption management systems like HashiCorp Vault and Kubernetes Secrets, to manage and protect sensitive data such as certificates, API encryption keys, and passwords.

Expert Support

Highly qualified, well-equipped troubleshooting from a reactive and responsive support team.

Cloud-agnostic Deployment

Truly no vendor lock-in. Any cloud service provider, hybrid, or on premises hosting. Options for deployment of a cluster in multiple availability zones.

Intuitive User Interface
or API

Clear and consistent, with streamlined access to all Hyperledger Fabric and Corda functionalities via the UI or API.

Unified Management & Operations Console


Manage networks, organizations, consortium proposals, nodes, and more.

High Availability & Monitoring

Failover mechanisms, disaster and recovery strategies, and multi-site high availability deployments. Simplified migration between versions, technical and application monitoring, as well as integration with existing monitoring tools.